Sharing the Faith

In the post, Bible Presumptions, I discussed the importance of Bible study and the benefits to our spiritual development as followers of Jesus. The next obvious question is what to do with all of that knowledge. Do we become ever more pious, walking around with steepled hands avoiding the culture that surrounds us? Do we stand on the street shouting at those that pass by and hand out cards with the gospel written on it? Or do we conduct ourselves as Jesus did by engaging the culture and those with whom we come into contact? This last question is somewhat rhetorical, but there is a simple lesson to be learned here that is often overlooked.

In Mark 2:16 we see Jesus eating with what the pious and religious elite (Pharisees) considered to be  sinners. In Mark 6:30 and following we read about Jesus feeding the 5,000. In Luke 24 the risen Jesus comes along side of two men who were troubled by the crucifixion. There are many other instances of Jesus healing, forgiving and even resurrecting people from the dead, but that is beyond the scope of this encouragement which is to notice that Jesus met people where they were and never looked down his nose at them or thumped them with his greek old testament.

Some opportunities to share our faith include:

  •  Taking an interest in those around us.
  • Accepting people for who they are. We’re all sinners.
  • Serve others by meeting a need. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Invest in the lives of others with the understanding that the most powerful testimony of Jesus Christ’s love is how we live our lives. People will be watching to see how we handle victory as well as disappointment.

It can be scary sometimes to talk about faith with others but we are commanded to do it (Matthew 28:18) and we are expected to be able to give an answer if they approach us (1 Peter 3:15). Above all pray for those around you who have never put their faith in Jesus that they might understand that they need Jesus too.


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